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While not as popular as Shakespeare’s A list

Tropes Absurdly Sharp Blade: Live Steel blades can cut through seemingly anything. And conversely Live Steel armor can stop a railgun at point blank range. Alpha Bitch: Kate, the Lady Mayor’s daughter, bullies Dawn and makes fun of her “plain” coat and says she’ll steal Gavin from her, despite already having a boyfriend. Also, beyond […]

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Also, her relationship with Batou Replica Designer Handbags

Heterosexual Life Partners: Billie Joe and Mike (despite Billie Joe not being straight, he’s bi). The show was then replaced with a final 13 weeks of Pyramid, which would be canned (for good this time) on July 1 in favor of Ray Combs’ Family Feud. Jungle Julia essentially whores her friend out over the radio […]

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